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Peeling the Earth from the Ground | My Modern Met


Peeling the Earth from the Ground – My Modern Metropolis.

Great ad campaign that a Middle east company did for their ‘Yellow Pages’ of sorts directory. A visual representation of how specific their directory can be. Peels away all other choices and gives u the best. *Genius


Famous Slogans Rethunk | DESIGN FETISH


DESIGN FETISH: Famous Slogans on Condoms.


There are plenty more that are not shown above. I think these are funny and good for a cheap laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. Hopefully these help you laugh a little of your stress of today. They sure did for me.😉

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Minimalist Pixar Movie Posters | My Modern Metropolis


Minimalist Pixar Movie Posters – My Modern Metropolis.

The hardest one for me was the finding Nemo – one, The rest were just brillz. They are just so cute. Couldn’t help but post for yall.

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Inner Message Ring | DESIGN FETISH

DESIGN FETISH: Inner Message Ring.

Looks like a great wedding band idea. Put your mates name in it. – Yes it is a little territorial. Yes it is a kin to branding you mate, but you know… sometimes it be’s like that.😉

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