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Being A Millennial | Co.Design


I am the child of a sociologist, so things like this fascinate me. What I find sad is that so few of us believe. Having faith allows you to see the forrest through the trees of despair. Or seeming despair.

Mind you these stats say that this generation is hopeful. So hope on, but know that w/o God you aint got shit.

Infographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A Millennial | Co.Design.

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Infographic Videos | Co.Design

Infographic Video: How To Solve The World’s Water Crisis | Co.Design.

Infographics are a really visual way to explain a potentially difficult concept, for dummies. They are often witty and pretty cool. Jarvis takes it to video, and makes it really easy to understand. GREAT JOB.

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